Martial Arts Programs Available In Wharton

Krav Maga

Join us in Wharton for Krav Maga classes that will give you the tools you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. We teach only the most effective self-defense techniques, each of which is accessible to students of any age or fitness level. Sign up for your first class today and reclaim your confidence!

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Kids Martial Arts

Set your child up for lifelong success by cultivating strong values of confidence, courtesy, respect, and discipline. Our Kids Martial Arts classes are focused on helping students from across Wharton foster character growth while also building their overall fitness and athleticism.

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Self Defense

Our self-defense classes cover essential strategies for remaining safe in the modern world. By offering training on how to survive situations such as active shootings, Trinity Martial Arts & Krav Maga is empowering individuals across Wharton with the confidence they need to live fearlessly.

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Kali is an ancient Filipino martial art designed to be brutally effective for both empty-handed and weapons-based self-defense. It's also a great workout that's tons of fun! With classes for both kids and adults, we're making Kali accessible to everyone in our Wharton community -- join us for your first class today!

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